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Do you want to fix health care? Join the Patients Know Best success team as we help health economies transform care delivery for the benefit of patients. Too many institutions do things to the patient not with the patient. They focus on the institution, the disease, the region, the task or the app. And they forget the patient.

PKB’s customers focus on the patient. They have committed to recentering their care around the patient.

That is why NHS England’s central funding for personal health records chose only PKB as the platform mature enough for national roll-out. And it’s also why PKB is already the UK’s most widely used patient portal.

But transformation is hard so our customers need you. Change needs champions and our customer success team is full of champions who find and nurture more champions. Each of us has experienced first hand - as a professional looking after patients or as a person looking after loved ones - how bad health care delivery can sometimes be. Each of us is patient-impatient: impatient enough with health care to refuse to accept its failings of patients, whilst also remaining patient enough to help bring the required transformation of the system.

The job is hard and big: your customers need to make big changes with limited budgets - you will help to enable these changes for entire health economies, affecting 100,000s of people at each customer site. The job is detailed and visionary: one day you will be with clinicians getting a care plan template just right. This allows patients with a particular disease at a particular stage to know how to self-assess and self-manage. Another day you will be with the Chief Information Officer getting the timetable right for all patients to see all data.

Following our go-live in ABMU (see BBC TV coverage and web articles) we are expanding our roll-out in Wales.

Patients Know Best is a fast growing software company and an exciting place to work! We employ a team of medical and IT professionals, entrepreneurs in their fields. Together we are changing the way personal health is managed, making people’s lives easier, and opening up a global market in the process. We’ve built an impressive digital platform that is being used in the UK and abroad to help patients and clinicians share medical data online.

Patients Know Best is growing particularly quickly in Wales. The recently established National Framework allows all healthcare providers in Wales the opportunity to use PKB and we are looking for a talented individual to join our team to help manage and develop the programme of work in the region. The role is to assist in the implementation and deployment of PKB across Wales. This position is UK-based, ideally in the Cardiff/Bridgend area and will require some travel in and around Wales, therefore the applicant should have access to their own vehicle.

The successful candidate for this role will work alongside and under the direction of our Programme Manager for Wales and will have responsibility for the following tasks within the geographical area of Wales:

  1. Leading on digital transformation within the clinical teams - empowering and motivating clinical usage and uptake of the software and expanding and growing that usage throughout the contract.
  2. Defining the project scope for the deployment of PKB with specific customers and internal teams.
  3. Leading the implementation of the deployment of Patients Know Best with specific customers in the region.
  4. Project managing deployments of Patients Know Best across the defined geographical region and working with all internal and external project stakeholders across all work-streams (including but not restricted to: information governance, technical development and integration, comms, training etc).
  5. Ensuring that knowledge and information flow seamlessly between all project stakeholders for the successful implementation of projects.
  6. Maintaining excellent communication with customers to ensure satisfaction and solid client relationships, including motivating the clinical teams in achieving their goals and stimulating them to exceed those goals.
  7. Training clinical staff and super-users on the use of the PKB software and regularly updating to ensure good working knowledge of the platform.
  8. Supporting the customer and the PKB development team with trouble shooting issues and problems that come into our service desk from our customers - this includes clinical staff, IT staff and patients using our software.
  9. Working closely with our development, product management and sales teams to ensure timely delivery of any contracted development work. Communication of realistic and achievable timelines to customers and updating all stakeholders of the PKB development roadmap including any potential feature re prioritisation.
  10. Identifying potential risks or issues related to projects, mitigating those risks and developing strategies to minimise any impact on the deployment of Patients Know Best.
  11. Monitoring progress with the development and usage of the Patients Know Best software in clinical teams/departments/healthboards, providing support and post ‘Go Live’ advice and encouragement to ensure not just continued but expanded usage during the contract.


The successful candidate will provide evidence of the following skills and experience:

  1. Commitment to the ideals of quality and fairness in the delivery of healthcare.
  2. Initiative and the ability to respond to often fast changing customer and organisational needs, to work out the best course of action to make a project a success.
  3. An understanding and first hand experience of working in the NHS, (local experience desirable) to understand and communicate the benefits and outcomes of deploying PKB in many clinical contexts.
  4. Experience of managing projects is desirable. Formal project management qualifications are not essential but the successful candidate will give examples of managing complex situations.
  5. The ability to work effectively as part of a very cohesive and hard working multidisciplinary team - willingness to support all members of that team essential.
  6. IT experience/knowledge preferably in a healthcare setting.
  7. Knowledge of the discourse around patient/health data in the UK (knowledge of other countries would be a bonus).
  8. Excellent written and verbal communication skills - this is a customer facing role.
  9. Innovative: committed to leading change management and influencing clinical working practice to find alternative ways of working using Patients Know Best.
  10. Methodical and organised - ability to problem solve and to see the bigger picture as well as the detail.
  11. Self starting and committed. Aptitude to work unsupervised/remotely in a distributed team.


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