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Remote. Requires core hours within 2-3 hours of the UK timezone, and the capacity to fly to London for a few days 6x/year (current meetup schedule).

We're fully remote, and we've built the company this way since the start in 2009, so you won't be on your own, without support, or missing out on discussions at the office – there is no office.

We rely on good communication & collaboration (both within and across teams), and we're still small enough that you'll meet everyone. For day to day work, you'll work on a team of 5-8 developers with a range of experience levels and strengths, and a dedicated product expert.

If you haven't already, find out more about PKB – our service makes life better for millions of patients, healthcare professionals and carers. Our roll-out in NW London makes us the UK's largest patient portal, and we're expanding into a global market. We start all projects, new features, and even bug fixes by understanding who our work will affect.

Our work focuses on a few major things:

We talk every day (daily team stand-ups at a minimum; other regular calls only if they have clear goals/focus – ad-hoc calls any time it's faster than typing).
Everyone is generally available for scheduled calls during core hours, something like 9 am - 4 pm London time. Most of us are parents, so we may fill in extra time in the early morning or evening.

We communicate mostly via chat, with periodic calls & screensharing.
We track epics & stories in Jira; PRs go through GitHub.

We follow a scrum development process, estimating work complexity (not time) and iterating two weeks at a time, and all teams work closely with Product to understand & help shape projects from early stages.


You'll need Java experience; most of our codebase is in Java.

We're expecting 1+ years of professional work experience.

Beyond that: we are not looking for people who "tick all the boxes" in a long list; we're more interested if you:

  1. have some deep skills and interesting achievements - even if they are not directly related to this role
  2. are comfortable asking questions, and interested in expanding your knowledge
  3. willing and interested in taking a problem or spec all the way to delivery – this is a hands-on role

This is what our stack looks like – including both what we have, and where we want to go:

Our dev teams are fairly independent, so they each need a range of expertise. Here are some specific requests we have from teams (not required, but let us know if you have deeper experience in any of these areas):


Fully-remote: manage your own working environment and schedule; pragmatic flexibility.

Competitive salary, benefits and equity options (including for non-UK contracts).

We'll pay for your work computer; choose your OS & IDE (we'll share the setups that have worked best for us)

We need diversity in our team to build a great global service, so we work actively to exclude bias from our hiring process and from our work culture. Your race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, disability, or any other aspect of your personal life & history that aren't harming your work will not block you from being hired and advancing your career with us. You will be treated with respect, kindness & a willingness to learn, and we'll expect you to treat your colleagues the same way.

When your personal life does affect your work (it happens; more than half of our developers have small children at home, for example), our smart & flexible policies will help by default, and we'll work with you to adapt your work/life integration sensibly.

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